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Digital Supply Chain

The  lines between the physical and digital worlds are becoming increasingly blurred. Traditional markets are being redefined, customer expectations are constantly evolving and the very way daily tasks  are conducted are being rapidly transformed.  Supply chains must now focus on effectively converging their foundational capabilities, with new and emerging digital strategies in order to not only compete, but also prosper and grow in this bold new era. The Conference will demonstrate how supply chains leaders will blend the lessons of the past with their aspirations for the future to deliver sustainable commercial success.

Supply Chain Integration & Collaboration

Continued change in the global economy has created new opportunities for supply chain professionals. Future success will be heavily influenced by the strategies, practices, and processes that organizations put in place to facilitate innovation and operational excellence. Supply chain integration and collaboration is the 21st century global operations strategy for achieving organizational competitiveness.


Procurement may be a game-changer for business growth. This track is dedicated to exactly this – the latest global trends in technology, talent and business models that will increase procurement’s contribution to business growth. You’ll be challenged by industry experts and inspired by your peers, all while growing your regional network for idea-sharing long after the Conference ends.

E-commerce & Commerce

Nowadays, with the rise of Commerce and eCommerce and customer expectations, having the product available when, where and how, requested is getting more complex and complicated than ever. The challenge is how to plan and execute collaboratively in order to enhance both Customer Experience & Business Performances

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